Our Beef | Yarn Hill Herd of Pedigree Lincoln Red Cattle
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Our Beef

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Yarn Hill Lincoln Red beef is currently available from Direct Meats and Salter & King Craft Butchers.

Direct Meats sell to leading restaurants in the UK and overseas, exporting to City Super, a premium speciality retailer in Hong Kong, and other high-end outlets.


Hung for 3–4 weeks to enhance the flavour, our beef is sold as joints, steaks, ribs, chuck, burgers and mince.


Direct Meats sell our beef as part of their British Native Breeds project, which celebrates the traditional breeds of the UK that have remained unchanged for centuries – and the unparalleled quality of the beef they provide. British Native Breeds beef appeals to buyers seeking provenance, who value as much information as possible about products, including breed and farm details.


Watch the following video for more about the Yarn Hill Lincoln Red beef and the British Native Breeds project >

“We have been working with Natasha and Richard Mann for a few years and you can never fail to see the love and passion they have for their cattle. The husbandry and welfare are second to none, and this comes out in the flavour. When we receive the carcases the fat is always a lovely creamy colour and rich in flavour. The meat has great flavour too and is very sweet from the fresh perennial rye grasses, herbs and flowers.”

Martin Blackwell, Direct Meats

Gerard King from Salter & King Craft Butchers has also developed an enthusiastic trade for Old Cow Beef, which is butchered from our older animals and hung for 8 weeks. In Spain, Vaca Vieja, as it is known, is incredibly popular in the Basque regions, where old cow is considered a delicacy with its deep flavour and rich marbling of creamy fat.


Gerard bought his first old cow, a 5-year-old animal, from us in 2015 and was delighted with the response from those who tried it. The following year, our Old Cow Beef sold out on the first day of the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival, and Gerard now has a loyal following who eagerly await its arrival.